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The Natural Science Page

Comet Hale-Bopp Picture


This picture, taken by a friend of the Webmaster, shows the tails over a wide angle and was recently accepted for posting on a NASA site. Click on the image for a large picture (273kb) and photograpic information. (Large picture is on a slower server but is much sharper than the image shown here.)

Linsay Wildlife Museum

Located on Third Street west of Buena Vista in Walnut Creek, close to Pleasant Hill. (If you are arriving via North Main, take Second Street west to Buena Vista and turn Left to get to Third.)

Until recently it was known as the Alexander Lindsay Junior Museum and was founded by the late Alexander Lindsay as a wildlife rehabilitation center and museum for the education of youth in the ways of nature. Funded by public subscription, the museum has been a leader in developing techniques to assist sick and injured wildlife in returning to the wild. They recently moved to new quarters at the edge of Larkey Park. They have an extensive collection of live animals and birds undergoing rehabilitation and some that cannot be returned to the wild and which are available for public viewing. Their home page can be found at this web site.

Mt. Diablo Interpretive Center

Located high atop Mount Diablo, this center provides geologic, cultural, ecological, and natural history exhibits to enhance your understanding of Mount Diablo.

Mt. Diablo Observatory Association

This group periodically hosts evenings on the Mount Diablo where telescopes are made available for observations by visitors.

The MDOA is seeking private donations to enable the completion of an observatory building on Mount Diablo.

External Link Astronomy Bonus

Astronomy picture of the day with explanatory text.

Nine planets of our solar system.

Lawrence Hall of Science

A science exhibition hall with exhibits suitable for all ages, but located in a radioactive hazardous area. Click above for more information

University of California Museum of Paleontology

A science exhibition hall with with many interesting exhibits. Click above for more information

Further Afield, but Worth the Trip

The Exploratorium

Far across the bay in San Francisco's scenic Marina District you will find the Exploratorium. A super cool site for kids since you can touch just about everything, with physics, optics, and electronic effects demonstrated with interactive exhibits. The also have a neat web site, the Exploratorium Learning Studio.

The California Acadamy Of Sciences

A world class science exhibition center, the California Acadamy of Sciences is located in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Admission enables access to the Aquarium, the North American and African Halls, and an exhibit of clocks and watches, as well as other exhibits. A separate admission is charged for the Morisson Planetarium, which exhibits both astronomical phenomena and laser light shows.

Selected Natural Science on the Web

Frog Disection

Annotated photographs guide the student in frog dissection and identification of the internal organs.

Incoming Weather View

Computer augmented geostationary satelite images. Time of picture is in Greenich Mean Time, Pacific Standard Time is GMT - 8 hours, PDT is GMT - 7.

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